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Triskellion 2: The Burning by Will Peterson

These are from a series I loved as a teenager about the several sets of twins who have special powers. They are pretty good and I would recommend if you are stuck for a book.

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The first is from the very start. Just when Rachel and Adam think they are safe, Laura has a not so pleasant surprise for them. From the helicopter, they are whisked away from their mother, Kate, who is led away by Laura and basically institutionalised.

The second is from when the twins wake up. They had been kept sedated for days then woke up in rooms that were identical to their own, but were in a strange research facility. Rachel finds Adam’s room, but when Laura walks in, she loses her temper, throwing herself at Laura. When she see’s that Laura doesn’t want to hurt her, she stops fighting, and allows Laura to explain their situation.

The final one is set after the twins escape the HOPE facility. Kate’s drugs have been withdrawn, but she is still unstable. Laura tries to get Kate to talk to her, to get her to trust her, but Kate is beyond reasoning. After telling Laura that if any harm befalls her kids, Kate would kill her, Kate throws her coffee in Laura’s face.

Enjoy 🙂

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Triskellion 3 – The Gathering

So, another couple of Triskellion drawings coming up. These are from the third book in the Triskellion Trilogy by Will Peterson.


The twins, Adam and Rachel Newman have been hiding in Australia for two years but the HOPE project has found them and once again they are running for their lives. The have been chased across America to Alamogordo, New Mexico. My first drawing take place here. My second drawing takes place later, after Dr Laura Sullivan has convinced Major Todd Crow to let the twins go and to take them to New York. This is where my second drawing takes place. Enjoy.

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Triskellion 2 – The Burning

Here is the next installment of Triskellion drawings but this time they are from the second book, Triskellion 2 – The Burning. Adam and Rachel have been taken by the organisation called HOPE after being tricked by their friend Doctor Laura Sullivan. These drawings are from after the Twins escape the HOPE complex and are on the run.

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Triskellion 2 - The Burning - Van Der Zee uses Laura to kidnap Adam - 11.09.2014
Doctor Clay Van der Zee uses Doctor Laura Sullivan and her research to find the twins. He follows her progress and just as Kate is reunited with Adam, Van der Zee kidnaps him. Kate goes mad and tries to get at Laura as she thinks Laura is a traitor and gave Adam back to HOPE. Laura manages to hold her back as Van der Zee steps out of the van saying ‘Thank you Doctor Sullivan, we can take it from here’
Triskellion 2 - The Burning - After the helicopter crashed Rachel attacks Laura - 12.09.2014
Gabriel and the other sets of Twins are either dead or trapped in the Cave of the Berbers and there is nothing Rachel, Laura or Kate can do. Also, after the Helicopter crashed into the boat Adam was being kept prisoner in, they fear the worse. With her twin thought dead, Rachel goes mad and attacks Laura as she felt the blame lied with the Doctor who was part of the HOPE organisation. Kate pulls the fighting pair apart, and Adam is found alive but unconcious floating in the water towards the shore