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Once Upon a Time – Series 4 – Frozen

Being a massive Frozen fan, I fell in love with series 4. They had an amazing storyline that didn’t really contradict the film, some amazing actors and this ended up being my favourite season of Once Upon a Time.

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In the film, Frozen, Elsa was by far my favourite character, but after watching this, I fell in love with Anna too, so I decided to focus on her.

My first drawing is from Episode 9, Smash the Mirror: Part 2. It is set in Arendelle after Ingrid tries to make Anna and Elsa her sisters to replace Gerda and Helga. When she finds out Anna’s suspicions, she imprisons her so that she doesn’t ruin her chance with Else but this massively backfires. Elsa finds out where Anna is, and they make plans to return Ingrid to the urn. Ingrid finds out though and when Elsa returns Anna to her cell to enact her plan, Ingrid is already there waiting. She chains Anna up, then casts the Spell of Shattered Sight on her, which ultimately results in Elsa being imprisoned in the urn and not Ingrid.

The second is from Episode 11, Shattered Sight. Ingrid has enacted the Spell of Shattered sight over the whole of Storybrook, but Elsa, Anna and Emma are immune. Anna finds a note from her mother, Gerda, who is also Ingrid’s sister explaining her regret to Anna and Else about trapping Ingrid in the urn, and removing all memories of Ingrid and Helga from the citizens of Arendelle. After reading it to Ingrid, she realises that she already had what she wanted all along which was her sister’s love. She ends up sacrificing herself to break the spell of shattered sight and gives Elsa and Emma their memories of her back.


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Once Upon a Time – Series 1

Since my Fiat Panda is small, I cannot fit too much in when I’m bringing stuff to my new house, so I still have a lack of books here, so once again, it’s a TV series. These are from the first series of Once Upon A Time and one is set in the Enchanted Forest, and one in Storybrook.


So the first is in the Enchanted Forest, when Snow White is trapped by Prince Charming in a net after stealing is jewelry, in particular, his engagement ring given to him by his mother. This scene is full of humour and is the start of Snow and Charming’s relationship.

The second is set in Storybrook. Belle’s father breaks into Gold’s shop which results in Gold kidnapping and assaulting him. This ends up with Gold in jail. Regina visits Gold in jail to taunt him with the teacup Belle dropped which he treasures more than anything. She exchanges the teacup for the admission of his real name…Rumplestiltskin.