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HIVE – Rogue by Mark Walden

These are also from Rogue, the fifth book in the Mark Walden HIVE series.


The first is from the start of the book. Darkdoom calls Nero and Raven into a meeting to discuss the capture or kill order issued for Otto, who has gone rogue. Things escalate and Darkdoom threatens Nero who responds with ‘How dare you threaten me?’. This scene ends with Darkdoom being shot with a sniper, which brings us to the second picture.

The second picture is from the end of the book. After a couple of weeks, Darkdoom is brought out of his medically induced coma and discusses with Nero his resignation from Head of GLOVE ruling council. When Nigel, Darkdoom’s son, is allowed to visit, Nero sees that recovery time is not the only reason behind Darkdoom’s resignation. It seems the biggest reason is that Darkdoom does not want his son to have to go through his death for  second time.

Enjoy 🙂

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HIVE – Escape Velocity by Mark Walden

So these photos are from the third book in the HIVE series written by Mark Walden, Escape Velocity. These really are a brilliant series of books.


These are set in the secret HOPE facility. The first drawing is my most recent drawing, and is set after Dr Nero was captured by HOPE. The director of HOPE, Sebastian Trent, enters Nero’s cell and gloats about his recent victory, as news of Nero’s capture was broadcast on all TV channels, making it impossible for Nero to return to top secret organisation, GLOVE. He then goes on to talk about a secret GLOVE initiative, which leads to a conspiracy going all the way up to Number One, the leader of GLOVE.

The second drawing was drawn a couple of years ago. It is a scene from the rescue mission to rescue Nero from HOPE’s clutches. Nero’s rescue had been foiled and the HIVE students, Nero, Darkdoom and Raven were all captured. An unconcious Raven is dragged into the room and dropped on the floor. Nero goes to Raven to check she is ok, whilst threatening Trent that he will pay for the damage he has caused.

Enjoy 🙂

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HIVE by Mark Walden – Tablet Drawings

Recently I purchased a tablet and downloaded a drawing app. I started using it to draw scenes from the HIVE series written by Mark Walden.

HIVE books

The first is in the first book (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) when Nigel Darkdoom’s flesh-eating plant grows out of control and almost destroys the school. Nero is knocked unconscious and Wing has to defend him. He sees that Nero has the other side of his mother’s pendent and decides not to run away so he can find out if Nero killed his mother.

The second is from Dreadnought. Raven was captured by the one man she fears, Pietor Furan. She was captured after defending the HIVE students but was separated after capture. Furan visits Raven’s cell and fights her but she is wounded and Furan wins the fight. Raven knows that she cannot hold on much longer and yearns for Nero to save them.

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H.I.V.E – Zero Hour by Mark Walden

One again, back to the HIVE series by Mark Walden. It is a seriously good series, and I just hope my drawings do the books justice.

HIVE books

So these are from book 6, Zero Hour. Overlord wants to take over the world using nanites, but he is trapped in the animus that is keeping him alive. Now all he needs is a host that can survive animus poisoning, and he knows of just the boy…

The first drawing is from the beginning of the book, where the enslaved Raven takes Laura Brand and Lucy Dexter hostages after blowing up Echelon. The second is set near the end of the book after Raven is injected with the Animus antidote, and we see the vulnerable young girl on the inside. The third drawing is after Raven kills Furan who is subsequently possessed by Overlord and ends up shooting and killing Lucy Dexter who took the bullet meant for Otto.

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H.I.V.E – Dreadnought

So these are from Dreadnought which is the fourth book in the H.I.V.E series by Mark Walden.


The first drawing gives us an insight to Raven’s past and introduces us to the character, Pietor Furan, the one man Raven truly fears.

The second and third are set twenty years later. The alpha students are going on a training exercise in the arctic known as the ninety-three-percenter because of the number of students that make it back alive. On the way, Nero meets up with his close friend, and G.L.O.V.E member, Diablus Darkdoom, to see the new stealth ship, the Dreadnought. Unfortunately, things go wrong, and the H.I.V.E students and Raven are captured by Furan and Drake. The second drawing is from just after this when they reach Drake’s facility. The  H.I.V.E students and the Dreadnought crew are rescued by the H.I.V.E troops led by Colonel Francisco, but there is a self destruct which Laura delays until they reach a safe distance. The third is set after this.

I love the later H.I.V.E books as they give an insight to Raven’s past (who is one of my favourite characters) and this is the first book with a peak. I hope you enjoy these drawings and that they inspire you to read this amazing, but not very well known series by Mark Walden.

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H.I.V.E – Aftershock

These are from the book Aftershock, the seventh book in Mark Walden’s HIVE series, a series I would highly recommend. Sorry about the gap, I just finished exams a couple of weeks ago.

This book has both flashbacks from Ravens life, and her time at the Glasshouse run by the Furans, and also has the main story where the Alphas are going on the field trip known as ‘the Hunt’. I have drawn a bit from both.

The first is from when Natalya (Raven) was relatively new to the Glasshouse and her best friend, Dimitri, planned an escape attempt, but was captured. This is based on the aftermath. The second is after a few years at the Glasshouse, and Natalya looses herself so becomes a clod assassin. This is the aftermath of her attacking, and almost killing, a boy in her dorm for a minor insult. The third is from the main story. After a long night of trying to get the exam papers, Otto and Laura are about to head for bed, but are confronted by someone else who wants the same information.

Enjoy …

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H.I.V.E (Book 2) – The Overlord Protocol

My drawings from the second HIVE book by Mark Walden. Otto, Laura, Wing and Shelby have been forced to stay at HIVE as Wings wants to know why Nero has the other half of his mother’s necklace. But trouble has been brewing within G.L.O.V.E and its council as a new, brutal villain, Cypher, is Number One’s new right hand man. But Cypher has other plans in mind which endangers H.I.V.E and G.L.O.V.E.

The Overlord Protocol -Stealth and Evasion class - 19.05.2014
The Alpha stream are in ‘The Maze’ and Otto and Shelby are racing each other to get the Key Card. Otto just misses out by centimeters as Shelby grabs the card first. Otto get’s trapped and Shelby is asked to release Otto but the key card doesn’t work. Otto has the real one which he sneaked out of the high security Vault and replaced with a fake the previous evening.
The Overlord Protocol - Wing takes on Cypher - 17.04.2012
Cypher has invaded HIVE. He has taken Nero captive and stopped Otto and Professor Pike from trying to save HIVE. With ninja robots under Cypher’s control, Raven is powerless. Wing, who is thought dead, returns and stops Cypher from using the Overlord Protocol. Wing saves HIVE but ‘kills’ Cypher who turns out to be Wings’ father Mo Fanchu/Wu Zhang.