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Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

So everyone knows Suzanne Collins fore her epic dystopian series ‘The Hunger Games’. She has also written another series for a slightly younger audience called ‘The Underland Chronicles’. This is another amazing series and is definitely worth a read.

gregor the overlander

It is set in New York and Gregor, an 11 year old boy whose dad went missing 2 years ago, is sucked into a hole and lands in a mysterious land, the Underland where all the animals are larger than those on the earths surface (the Overalnd). He is taken to the human colony, Regalia, inhabited by strange pale skin, silvery hair and purple eyes. This colony moved below centuries ago under the direction of Bartholomew of Sandwich and is told that he is the warrior long foretold by Sandwhich.

He then goes on a quest to rescue his father from the Gnawers (rats) with 2 royal underlanders, Queen Luxa and her cousin Henry, the gnawer, Ripred, two spinners (spiders) Treflex and Gox, two fliers (bats) Aurora and Ares, two crawlers (cockroaches), Tick and Temp and his little sister, Boots as directed in the ‘Prophecy of Gray’.

Both drawings are set near the end of the book. The first is set just after Gregor finds his father but the remaining questers are surrounded by King Gorger’s gnawers. Henry betrays them and Gox, the spinner, is killed by King Gorger whilst Luxa is going into shock from the betrayal.

The second is set after Gregor tricks the rats over the ravine and Henry also dies, but Gregor is saved by Ares. They fly back to Regalia and Luxa is in shock as she dismounts from the bats. Luxa’s grandpa, Vikus, enters the high hall but Luxa doesn’t recognise him. Gregor talks to her, telling her ‘Luxa, it’s your Grandpa’, where she runs into his arms and cries for the first time since her parents death.

If you like these drawings, you should read the books.

Enjoy 🙂