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The Saga of Darren Shan : The Vampire Prince

So these drawings are from an old favourite of mine…. The Saga of Darren Shan. This series is about Vampire, but Vampires with a twist (a considerable better twist than Twilight). It portrays them as noble creatures, who are strong, have excellent senses and reflexes, extra hard nails and bones, who don’t kill or transform those who they drink from, can’t walk around in sunlight (almost because of an allergic reaction, but also because it damages their incredible senses) and who can be killed by a stake through the heart, but also a gun, a fire, anything that can kill a human. They are basically superior humans, but with the weakness of not being able to go out during the day.

Darren Shan was something I read a lot when I was younger, about GCSE age, and the Vampire Rites books were my favourites. These are both from that trilogy, and are from the book, The Vampire Prince.

The first one was actually partially done whilst watching the voting of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (Sweden soooo deserved to win) and is after the battle against the Vampaneze in Vampire Mountain. Arra Sails has been mortally wounded and makes Larten Crepsley vow to save Darren. The second one is Darren being made a Vampire Prince for his actions to help defeat the Vampaneze, which means that he is allowed to fail the Trials of Death (which led him to discover the Vampameze in the first place) and saved his life.

I hope you enjoy these, my latest drawings.