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A TV show I used to watch about 3 sisters who live in San Fransisco and find out that they are very powerful witches and have powers which include freezing time, premonitions, telekinesis, exploding things etc. These aren’t my best drawings as they are a bit older than the other ones on here.

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S01 E01 - Something Wicca this way comes - Part 1 - 28.05.2012
Something Wicca This Way Comes – Piper’s boyfriend, Jeremy, takes her on a date to an abandoned warehouse shortly after she gets powers. He turns out to be a Warlock and tries to kill her in the elevator shaft. She freezes him and runs away
S01 E01 - Something Wicca this way comes - Part 2 - 30.05.2012
Something Wicca This Way Comes – Jeremy chases after Piper and follows them up to the attic. He tries to kill them but they end up vanquishing him first.
S01 E04 - Dead Man Dating part 1 - 31.05.2012
Dead Man Dating – Piper is helping a Ghost called Mark who was killed by a gang for his identity. She finds the gang, freezes them and takes a photo as proof that Wong isn’t dead. Unfortunately, the gang sees her and takes her registration plate to track her down.
S01 E04 - Dead Man Dating part 2 - 01.06.2012
Dead Man Dating – Wong’s gang find Piper and track her down. Just as she is falling for the Ghost, Mark, she is kidnapped by Wong’s men, but Mark can’t do anything to save her.
S01 E04 - Dead Man Dating part 3 - 02.06.2012
Dead Man Dating – Piper has been kidnapped by Wong’s men and Wong is trying to scare her into giving him information and also hurt her for ruining his plans.
S01 E09 - The witch is back - Part 1 - 11.06.2012
The Witch is Back – Prue is sent a locket and accidentally sets the Warlock, Matthew, free which only a descendent of Melinda Warren could do. He then tries to kill Prue as he is intent on destroying the Warren line.
S01 E09 - The Witch is Back - Part 2
The Witch is Back – The sisters bring back Melinda to help stop Matthew but he holds Piper hostage to make them give him their powers by using them on him.
S01 E14 - Secrets and Guys Part 1
Secrets and Guys – The sisters get a distress call from a young witch called Max who was kidnapped for his powers. Prue tries to rescue him on her own, but is knocked out and becomes a captive as well.