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HIVE – Rogue by Mark Walden

These two drawings are from the fifth book of the epic HIVE series by Mark Walden.


The first is from the start of the book, whenΒ  HIVE is having problems with power cuts. Unfortunately, this happens when the alpha students are doing climbing in tactical education. Franz is on the wall, frozen in fear, and Nigel is belaying. The lights go off, and a pair of screams is heard. When the lights turn on, Franz has fallen off the wall, but Nigel couldn’t hold his weight and was pulled off the ground, resulting in the two of them dangling in the air.

The second is from the end of the book. Otto has been taken over by the animus fluid and is attacking Wing. Although she knew it might kill him, Laura shoots Otto with the neural pulse gun, ejecting the animus from his body very painfully so that he could have have his free will back.

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Hunger Games – Catching Fire

And back onto the Hunger Games. These are from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

Katniss survived the 74th Hunger Games by pretending to be in love with Peeta. Now she must survive the 75th Hunger Games, a games where Snow is determined to kill her.

Hunger games blog logo

The first drawing is set before the Tributes Parade. Katniss is trying to remain inconspicuous and is waiting with the horses of the District 12 carriage. Finnick approaches her, asking seductively, ‘Would you like a sugar cube?’ resulting in a slightly awkward conversation.

The second is set in the ‘Bloodbath’ at the start of the Hunger Games. Katniss is about to shoot Finnick when he shows her Haymitch’s token, and suddenly finds out they are allies, much to her dismay.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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HIVE – Escape Velocity by Mark Walden

Once again, these photos are from the third book in the HIVE series written by Mark Walden, Escape Velocity. These really are a brilliant series of books.


These are about Nero, one of the GLOVE high council, who is captured, interrogated and held prisoner by Sebastian Trent and his secret organisation, HOPE.

The first is set at the start of the book and depicts Nero’s capture. Nero meets with his trusted friend and fellow GLOVE member, Gregori Leonov at the London Eye. The meeting is compromised, Gregori is shot dead and Nero is trapped in one of the pods on the London Eye. Raven tried to rescue him, but there is nothing she can do.

The second is set at the end of the book. After their failed rescue attempt, Nero and Otto as sent to a space base to face Number One, the corrupt leader of GLOVE. After defeating Number One, they escape in one of the escape pods. When they land, Nero and Otto get on to the roof of the pod and Nero starts grinning ‘like a lunatic’ exclaiming that he had not felt the sun for 3 months.

I hope you enjoy these drawings, and I insist, you should go and read the books πŸ™‚

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HIVE – Escape Velocity by Mark Walden

So these photos are from the third book in the HIVE series written by Mark Walden, Escape Velocity. These really are a brilliant series of books.


These are set in the secret HOPE facility. The first drawing is my most recent drawing, and is set after Dr Nero was captured by HOPE. The director of HOPE, Sebastian Trent, enters Nero’s cell and gloats about his recent victory, as news of Nero’s capture was broadcast on all TV channels, making it impossible for Nero to return to top secret organisation, GLOVE. He then goes on to talk about a secret GLOVE initiative, which leads to a conspiracy going all the way up to Number One, the leader of GLOVE.

The second drawing was drawn a couple of years ago. It is a scene from the rescue mission to rescue Nero from HOPE’s clutches. Nero’s rescue had been foiled and the HIVE students, Nero, Darkdoom and Raven were all captured. An unconcious Raven is dragged into the room and dropped on the floor. Nero goes to Raven to check she is ok, whilst threatening Trent that he will pay for the damage he has caused.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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HIVE by Mark Walden – Tablet Drawings

Recently I purchased a tablet and downloaded a drawing app. I started using it to draw scenes from the HIVE series written by Mark Walden.

HIVE books

The first is in the first book (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) when Nigel Darkdoom’s flesh-eating plant grows out of control and almost destroys the school. Nero is knocked unconscious and Wing has to defend him. He sees that Nero has the other side of his mother’s pendent and decides not to run away so he can find out if Nero killed his mother.

The second is from Dreadnought. Raven was captured by the one man she fears, Pietor Furan. She was captured after defending the HIVE students but was separated after capture. Furan visits Raven’s cell and fights her but she is wounded and Furan wins the fight. Raven knows that she cannot hold on much longer and yearns for Nero to save them.

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H.I.V.E – Zero Hour by Mark Walden

One again, back to the HIVE series by Mark Walden. It is a seriously good series, and I just hope my drawings do the books justice.

HIVE books

So these are from book 6, Zero Hour. Overlord wants to take over the world using nanites, but he is trapped in the animus that is keeping him alive. Now all he needs is a host that can survive animus poisoning, and he knows of just the boy…

The first drawing is from the beginning of the book, where the enslaved Raven takes Laura Brand and Lucy Dexter hostages after blowing up Echelon. The second is set near the end of the book after Raven is injected with the Animus antidote, and we see the vulnerable young girl on the inside. The third drawing is after Raven kills Furan who is subsequently possessed by Overlord and ends up shooting and killing Lucy Dexter who took the bullet meant for Otto.

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Divergent by Veronica Roth

So these two drawings are both from Divergent. Not the best dystopian book in the world, but it’s still pretty good.


The first is set after the choosing ceremony, where the new initiates have to jump of a train onto a roof to reach Dauntless HQ. Tris and Christina jumps together and both make it, but not all are so lucky…

The second is set during the Dauntless attack on Abnegation initiated by Erudite. Tris and Four are captured and taken to Jeanine. Four is taken for further testing, but Tris is injured from a gunshot so is to be disposed of…


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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Here are a few more drawings from the start of one of the best series, and one of the best authors of all time. Once again, I implore you to read the books, as they are on a completely different level to the films. Also, you may notice some of the characters look different to what is seen in the films, and that’s because I have used the descriptions from the books.

There are three drawings from the book which I have been working on recently, all from the Lightning Thief, where Percy is framed for stealing Zeus’ bolt.

Percy Jackson logo

First off is the calm before the storm. Before Percy’s life is turned upside down, his Mum takes him to Montauk where she met Percy’s father, and they toast marshmallows and hotdogs on a camp fire on the beach. The second is from capture the flag at Camp Halfblood when Percy gets claimed by Poseidon, god of the sea. The final one is on Percy’s quest to find the lightening bolt, and they must enter the Underworld, which is the land of the dead. To do this they have to get past Hades’ 3-headed guard dog, Cerberus. They plan to distract him with a game of fetch, but Annabeth ends up caring for him.

I hope you enjoy these drawings, and that they entice you you to go on and read (or re-read) these amazing books…

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Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan


Once again, sorry about the delay, but I’ve been busy with my placement. Anyway, here are my latest drawings from the third, fourth and fifth books in Rick Riordan’s ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series. As I’ve said several time, he is a really talented writer, bringing the old greek and roman myths and legends back into the modern day.

Heroes-of-olympus logo

So this first one is from ‘The Mark of Athena‘ which is set at Fort Sumter. Annabeth has been chosen to find the Athena Parthenos to restore peace to both camps, but a complication occurs. Leo attacked the Romans with his war ship whilst possessed by a spirit, so the Romans are fighting back. and attack the 7 demigods from the prophesy at Fort Sumter. Reyna finds Annabeth, but ends up letting her go on her quest:

WM - Heroes of Olympus - the Mark of Athena - Annabeth cornered by Reyna at Fort Sumter - 04.10.2015

The second is set in ‘The House of Hades‘ in Jason’s dream. The Romans are in New York preparing the fight the Greeks because they were attacked. They are visited by the Greek Oracle, Rachel Dare, and her protector, Grover Underwood, who is on the Council of the Cloven Elders. Rachel tells Reyna that she must go to the ancient world to help restore peace by returning the Athena Parthenos (that was stolen by Romans millenia ago) and re-establish peace between the camps. Octavian is skeptical of Rachel’s power so she is forced to show it, glowing green:

WM - Heroes of Olympus - the House of Hades - Rachel meets the Romans - 01.11.2015

The final drawing is from ‘Blood of Olympus‘ and is set in San Juan, where Reyna is originally from. She is escorting the Athena Parthenos back, along with Nico who is transporting them by shadow travel, and also Coach Hedge. They landed in San Juan, where Reyna has a dark secret, and Reyna is kidnapped. She wakes in a cell tied to a chair. When the door opens, she attacks her kidnapper, but is at a Stalemate, with 3 Hunters in her way, but she is holding a knife to their Lieutenant’s throat, Thalia Grace:

WM - Heroes of Olympus - the Blood of olympus - Reyna kidnapped by the Hunters (2) - 13.12.2015

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Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

So here is my latest batch of drawings from the first book of the amazing Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. I’ve been going through a criminal mastermind phase at the moment, first HIVE, now Artemis Fowl.

I’ve decided to go right back to the start for these. The first drawing is Holly’s first encounter with Artemis. It is set after a disastrous mission for Captain Holly Short of the LEP as her magic ran out. Holly is ordered to go refill by doing the ritual in Ireland which involves taking an acorn from an ancient oak, and planting it elsewhere. Unfortunately for her though, she chooses to go to the one ancient oak that young criminal master mind, Artemis Fowl II, is staking out, looking for fairies. She ends up being kidnapped and held to ransom by Artemis. The second drawing is set in the cell Holly is being kept prisoner in. It is her first conversation with Artemis. In both pictures, it may seem a bit strange that the humans are wearing sunglasses, but it is to avoid being hypnotised by Holly’s mesmer.

These books really are amazing, so if you like my drawings, you should really check the books out. Enjoy…