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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I was feeling Christmassy so I decided to draw a famous scene from one of the greatest Christmas stories of all time. I actually started this drawing roughly this time last year, but I just never got round to finishing it with Uni and exams, but I have finally finished it. The advantage of doing it on a tablet it that it enables me to get the haunted atmosphere just right.

christmas carol carey marley

This is from a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and is such a famous scene it hardly needs an introduction, but I’m going to give it one anyway. Marley, who died 7 years previously is doomed to wander the earth due to his selfish and unfeeling ways. To prevent Scrooge from following the same route, Marley haunts Scrooge, giving him the opportunity to change his ways before dies and is forced to wander the earth.


As the Marley’s say in a Muppets Christmas Carol (or at least the soundtrack):

‘It is required of every man that the spirit within should walk abroad among his fellow men. And if that spirit goes not forth in life, he is condemned to do so after death, and witness what he cannot share, but might have shared and turned to happiness.’

WM - A Christmas Carol - Marley's Ghost - 12.12.2017

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Once Upon a Time – Series 1

Since my Fiat Panda is small, I cannot fit too much in when I’m bringing stuff to my new house, so I still have a lack of books here, so once again, it’s a TV series. These are from the first series of Once Upon A Time and one is set in the Enchanted Forest, and one in Storybrook.


So the first is in the Enchanted Forest, when Snow White is trapped by Prince Charming in a net after stealing is jewelry, in particular, his engagement ring given to him by his mother. This scene is full of humour and is the start of Snow and Charming’s relationship.

The second is set in Storybrook. Belle’s father breaks into Gold’s shop which results in Gold kidnapping and assaulting him. This ends up with Gold in jail. Regina visits Gold in jail to taunt him with the teacup Belle dropped which he treasures more than anything. She exchanges the teacup for the admission of his real name…Rumplestiltskin.

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD – FitzSimmons

The next few post will likely be of TV series as opposed to the usual book drawings as I have moved house, but I don’t have many books with me at the moment, so I only have what Netflix and DVDs can give me.

These are from Marvel Agents of SHIELD and are based on some of my favourite Fitz-Simmons moments. Leo Fitz (engineering) and Jemma Simmons (Biochemistry) are two of SHIELD’s best and brightest scientists and are fantastic characters.


The first drawing is from the second series when Fitz is getting back on his feet after almost dying from oxygen starvation at the end of Series 1 and Simmons has returned from her time undercover at Hydra. The ‘Real SHIELD’ invades Coulson’s SHIELD, knocking them out with dendrotoxin gas, and when they wake, Fitz and Simmons are left on the floor in the labs, presumed not to be a threat to anyone. Agent Weaver visits them and asks Simmons for her help to make sure Mack is OK, then Fitz is left alone.

The second is from Series 3 Simmons was sucked into a portal to another world and months after, Fitz jumps through the same portal and rescues her. Malick wants to know how she got back through the portal so that he can bring a dangerous inhuman back from exile, resulting in Fitz and Simmons’ capture. They are tortured to get the information, and Fitz agrees to show them how to get back as long as they stop hurting Simmons. When Simmons discovers this, she begs Fitz to let them kill her as the inhuman is too dangerous to bring back, to which he responds that he is not strong enough to live in a world without her.

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FSY 2017 – Manchester/Ireland – Orientation Dance

Back to memories then. So this one is from Manchester/Ireland FSY 2017 which is the session I was a counsellor on this year.


It’s from Orientation on the first day where the cousellors get on stage and dance to get the youth excited for the week ahead. This is me and the other counsellors doing the EFY dance to Vengabus by Vengaboys which was the second dance of Orientation.

This was originally more of a doodle initially hence the pencil sketch, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

WM - FSY dance - Orientation - FSY Manchester-Ireland 2017 - 05.10.2017

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Taken by Storm by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Sorry about not posting for a while. In the last 3 months, I have graduated university, moved house and started my first real job so I have been rather busy.

So these drawings are from Taken by Storm, the third and final book in the Raised by Wolves trilogy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

taken by storm

The first drawing is after Callum, Bryn’s previous alpha, arrives to take Bryn to a Senate meeting. After getting in after a run, Callum is playing with Bryn’s sister, Katy, in wolf form. Ali walks in and protectively puts her arm around Bryn to remind Callum that Bryn is her daughter and not a puzzle. In the mean time, Lily, a young werewolf, kicks Callum, the most powerful alpha in North America, for taking away Katy’s attention.

The second drawing is set after the senate meeting. Bryn discovers that Maddie, a wolf that used to be part of her pack has gone rabid and is discussing with Callum and Sora how to approach the situation. Suddenly, Caroline is in between with a gun aimed at Sora’s chest and and a crossbow aimed at Callum’s knee. She tells Sora to leave as she won’t let Ali get hurt again, refering to Bryn’s punishment after breaking her conditions in the first book.

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Robin Hood

My latest drawings are from the second series of BBC TV show, Robin Hood. I used to love this show, and then they killed off Marian at the end of the second series.

robin hood logo

These drawings are set at the beginning and the end of the series. The first is from the first episode. After leaving Guy at the alter and showing support for King Richard, the Sheriff and Guy are angry with Marian and her father and Guy is sent to collect them and bring them to the castle. He makes Marian beg for him not to burn down the house, but even that won’t stop him. The house in burnt, Marian and her father are left homeless and taken to the castle under house arrest.

The second is from episode 11. Guy discovers that Marian is the Night watchman and she is arrested and taken to the castle to await execution. She tries to escape but the attempt is unsuccessful. Guy and Marian then argue, as when the Sheriff returns, she is to be executed, to which she responds, ‘Did you think I would just sit here and wait to be executed?’

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

These are from the final book in the amazing Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. These books are incredible so don’t really need my introduction.


So the first is set after Peeta is broadcast for (I believe) the third time. Peeta is wrestling with himself about what to say and ends up warning the rebels of the planned attack on District 13. Peeta is beaten and District 13 has 8 minutes of extra civilian evacuation time which saved lives. During the time in the bunker, whilst playing crazy cat, taunting Buttercup with a torch beam, Katniss realises how Snow is using Peeta against her. Once the all clear is sounded, they try to shoot a Propo, informing Panem that District 13 had survived an attack from the Capitol, but the realisation of how Snow is using Peeta breaks her and both she and Finnick have to be sedated.

The second is right at the end of the film. The rebels have won the war against the Capitol, but not without severe losses, including Katniss’ sister, Prim. Prim was killed by the second explosion in a 2-step explosive trap. After talking to Snow, she starts to have doubts about who really sent the hovercraft, despite the seal of the Capitol, as the Rebels were developing a trap identical to it. At the realisation that she has been a piece in Coin’s games as much as Snow’s games, she realises she has a monumentous decision to make.  At the execution of Snow, former president of Panem, she decides to kill Coin instead. She attempts to kill herself with the nightlock pill, but Peeta rips it away, leaving Katniss to face the consequences of her fatal actions.

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Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

So everyone knows Suzanne Collins fore her epic dystopian series ‘The Hunger Games’. She has also written another series for a slightly younger audience called ‘The Underland Chronicles’. This is another amazing series and is definitely worth a read.

gregor the overlander

It is set in New York and Gregor, an 11 year old boy whose dad went missing 2 years ago, is sucked into a hole and lands in a mysterious land, the Underland where all the animals are larger than those on the earths surface (the Overalnd). He is taken to the human colony, Regalia, inhabited by strange pale skin, silvery hair and purple eyes. This colony moved below centuries ago under the direction of Bartholomew of Sandwich and is told that he is the warrior long foretold by Sandwhich.

He then goes on a quest to rescue his father from the Gnawers (rats) with 2 royal underlanders, Queen Luxa and her cousin Henry, the gnawer, Ripred, two spinners (spiders) Treflex and Gox, two fliers (bats) Aurora and Ares, two crawlers (cockroaches), Tick and Temp and his little sister, Boots as directed in the ‘Prophecy of Gray’.

Both drawings are set near the end of the book. The first is set just after Gregor finds his father but the remaining questers are surrounded by King Gorger’s gnawers. Henry betrays them and Gox, the spinner, is killed by King Gorger whilst Luxa is going into shock from the betrayal.

The second is set after Gregor tricks the rats over the ravine and Henry also dies, but Gregor is saved by Ares. They fly back to Regalia and Luxa is in shock as she dismounts from the bats. Luxa’s grandpa, Vikus, enters the high hall but Luxa doesn’t recognise him. Gregor talks to her, telling her ‘Luxa, it’s your Grandpa’, where she runs into his arms and cries for the first time since her parents death.

If you like these drawings, you should read the books.

Enjoy 🙂

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Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This is a series introduced to me by my Aunt, and they are pretty awesome. This is the second book in the Raised by Wolves series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and is about a girl raised by wolves suddenly becoming alpha of the pack.

trial by fire

The first drawing is from near the start of the book. A wolf from the snake bend pack, Lucas, turns up on Bryn’s door, caught in the middle of his shift by a chunk of silver. His alpha wants him back, but so does a coven of psychics. Both options are dangerous, and Lucas has made it clear that he would kill himself before going back to either. Ali, Bryn’s foster mother, finds out the severity of the situation and talks with Bryn. When Bryn admits she doesn’t know what to do, Ali tells Bryn that she doesn’t have to do it alone.

The second drawing is from the end. The Cedar Ridge pack has been forced to fight the coven. Bryn has been burnt and is in agony, feeling all the pain of her packs injuries. She comes across the coven leader Valerie, who orders her daughter to shoot Bryn. As Bryn is losing conciousness, she hears a gunshot. When she wakes up, she finds out that Ali shot Valerie, who is revealed to be Ali’s mother.

Enjoy 🙂

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Triskellion 2: The Burning by Will Peterson

These are from a series I loved as a teenager about the several sets of twins who have special powers. They are pretty good and I would recommend if you are stuck for a book.

Triskellion 2 logo

The first is from the very start. Just when Rachel and Adam think they are safe, Laura has a not so pleasant surprise for them. From the helicopter, they are whisked away from their mother, Kate, who is led away by Laura and basically institutionalised.

The second is from when the twins wake up. They had been kept sedated for days then woke up in rooms that were identical to their own, but were in a strange research facility. Rachel finds Adam’s room, but when Laura walks in, she loses her temper, throwing herself at Laura. When she see’s that Laura doesn’t want to hurt her, she stops fighting, and allows Laura to explain their situation.

The final one is set after the twins escape the HOPE facility. Kate’s drugs have been withdrawn, but she is still unstable. Laura tries to get Kate to talk to her, to get her to trust her, but Kate is beyond reasoning. After telling Laura that if any harm befalls her kids, Kate would kill her, Kate throws her coffee in Laura’s face.

Enjoy 🙂