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Eurovision 2018 – SuRie – Storm

This is a departure from the norm and it was challenging but it was good fun to do something a little different…

Anyone who knows me should know I am a major Eurovision fan, and although the UK haven’t done too well in recent years, I love it. The music from other cultures, the crazy staging, everything other than the politics.

Eurovision 2018 was a fantastic competion. Netta from Israel did a fantastic job and was a worthy winner. Also well done to my other favourites, Germany and Lithuania. It was a competition that wiped out records and the majority of the songs were of an extremely high standard and we had a very diverse competition with 14 songs not sung in Engligh which was incredibly refreshing. The UK also did a fantastic job.

Which leads me on to this post. It was big news this year that the UK entry, SuRie, with her song ‘Storm’ was interrupted half way through her performance by a stage invader who grabbed her mic and started shouting into it until security removed him.

stage invasion

Courageously, SuRie picked up the mic and continued her song with more power and fire than before, which truly gave more meaning to her song.

I’ll be the first to admit, I enjoyed the song before but I didn’t think too much of it. Seeing the professionalism and not letting this stage invasion beat her completely changed that. It was the way SuRie kept singing that inspired me to draw the part of the song, which in my opinion is where you see SuRie take what had happened and use it to add the fire to the performance. It’s in the pause before the fireworks, after the fist pumps and the lyrics ‘Hey, hey brother, don’t give up’ when she throws her arm up in the air.

SuRie stole the show and this was our best performance in years. SuRie, you were fantastic and who cares that we came 24th, the UK couldn’t be prouder of you for keeping on singing and overcoming the ‘storm’ that was the stage invader. You made your country proud.

WM - Eurovision 2018 - UK - SuRie Storm - 22.05.2018

After two fantastic UK entries in the last 2 years, let’s hope the BBC continues to build on this and hopefully, we can get onto the left hand side of the board.

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Marvel’s Agent Carter

I’m going through a bit of a Marvel phase right now and recently the TV show Agent Carter, based on the life of Agent Peggy Carter after World War 2. It’s a fantastic show, one I would really recommend, and Peggy Carter is a fantastic character, made even more fabulous by the fact that she is British.

Agent Carter logo

Both drawings are from Season 1. The first is from Episode 4, The Blitzkrieg Button. Peggy has found Howard Stark’s stolen inventions which are in the custody of the SSR. Howard then turns up and asks Peggy to steal one back, saying it could permanently turn off all the electricity in New York. When she steals it, she finds a vial inside containing red liquid, which is in fact Captain America’s blood. She punches Howard, they argue and he tries to defend his lies saying ‘There’s a ceiling for certain types of people based on how much money your parents have, your social class, your religion, your sex!’

The second drawing is from Episode 6, A Sin to Err. Peggy has been found out. Agents try to take her in at the Automat, but she escapes. She goes to the Griffith retrieve Captain America’s blood, but is caught when rendered unconscious by Russian spy, Dotty Underwood. The SSR agents arrest Peggy where she is taken back to the SSR. She is taken straight to an interrogation room, where Chief Dooley tells them ‘Don’t go easy on her just cos she’s a girl!’

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UNIT Encounters – The Sontaran Project

This is a drawing I did on my tablet from the fifth UNIT audio series from Big Finish, UNIT Encounters.


Osgood is at a New Science conference as a representative of UNIT, where she encounters her old mentor, Professor Torrence. Torrence invites her back to his lab and things go sour when Torrence shows her a Sontaran clone, not grown in a Sontaran pod. She is taken prisoner and forced to help Torrence build an army of Sontarans, but when UNIT come to investigate, she becomes a hostage.

This is from when Osgood becomes a hostage and Torrence says ‘Stand up Osgood, you’ve just been elevated to the status of hostage’

UNIT Encounters - You've just been elevated to the status of hostage - 24.02.2018

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Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code

That is right, I have my books!

My latest from the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. This is the third book in the series, where Artemis tries to sell fairy technology to the ruthless and shady Business man Jon Spiro and it’s safe to say that hings don’t quite go according to plan.

eternity code

So the first drawing is after Butler gets shot by Blunt. Artemis freezes Butler using cryogenic equipment from Ice Age Cryogenics, then makes a call using a mountain of buzz words to attract the attention of the LEP. The LEP send Captain Holly Short who finds a distressed Artemis in the back of a van in Harley Street.

The second is from the end. After an agreement with the LEP, Artemis, Butler and Juliet are about to have their minds wiped of all knowledge of fairies. In an ’emotional’ goodbye, Artemis give Mulch a disc, disguised as the coin Holly gave Artemis is book two (see Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident for a picture of this scene) in a final attempt to get his memories back.

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Once Upon a Time – Series 4 – Frozen

Being a massive Frozen fan, I fell in love with series 4. They had an amazing storyline that didn’t really contradict the film, some amazing actors and this ended up being my favourite season of Once Upon a Time.

OUAT S4 logo

In the film, Frozen, Elsa was by far my favourite character, but after watching this, I fell in love with Anna too, so I decided to focus on her.

My first drawing is from Episode 9, Smash the Mirror: Part 2. It is set in Arendelle after Ingrid tries to make Anna and Elsa her sisters to replace Gerda and Helga. When she finds out Anna’s suspicions, she imprisons her so that she doesn’t ruin her chance with Else but this massively backfires. Elsa finds out where Anna is, and they make plans to return Ingrid to the urn. Ingrid finds out though and when Elsa returns Anna to her cell to enact her plan, Ingrid is already there waiting. She chains Anna up, then casts the Spell of Shattered Sight on her, which ultimately results in Elsa being imprisoned in the urn and not Ingrid.

The second is from Episode 11, Shattered Sight. Ingrid has enacted the Spell of Shattered sight over the whole of Storybrook, but Elsa, Anna and Emma are immune. Anna finds a note from her mother, Gerda, who is also Ingrid’s sister explaining her regret to Anna and Else about trapping Ingrid in the urn, and removing all memories of Ingrid and Helga from the citizens of Arendelle. After reading it to Ingrid, she realises that she already had what she wanted all along which was her sister’s love. She ends up sacrificing herself to break the spell of shattered sight and gives Elsa and Emma their memories of her back.


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Doctor Who

And back to one of my favourite TV shows of all time…Doctor Who. These are from 2 different series with 2 different Doctors and 2 different companions.


The first is from Series 1 with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion, Rose Tyler. It is from one of the episodes that most people remember when they think of Christopher Eccleston…The Doctor Dances. Jack unwittingly unleashed the nanogenes from a Tula ambulance which created Gas Mask zombies. Nancy saves the day by admitting ‘I am your mummy. I will always be your mummy’ to Jamie, who she’d been pretending was her brother.

The second is from series 4, with David Tennant as the Doctor and my favourite companion, Donna Noble. The episode is Fires of Pompeii. Donna had been kidnapped by the Sibylline Sisterhood for ‘falsely prophesying’ the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The Doctor saves Donna just before she is sacrificed and ends up talking to the High Priestess of the Sibylline, ending up with the Doctor threatening the High Priestess with a water pistol.

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I was feeling Christmassy so I decided to draw a famous scene from one of the greatest Christmas stories of all time. I actually started this drawing roughly this time last year, but I just never got round to finishing it with Uni and exams, but I have finally finished it. The advantage of doing it on a tablet it that it enables me to get the haunted atmosphere just right.

christmas carol carey marley

This is from a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and is such a famous scene it hardly needs an introduction, but I’m going to give it one anyway. Marley, who died 7 years previously is doomed to wander the earth due to his selfish and unfeeling ways. To prevent Scrooge from following the same route, Marley haunts Scrooge, giving him the opportunity to change his ways before dies and is forced to wander the earth.


As the Marley’s say in a Muppets Christmas Carol (or at least the soundtrack):

‘It is required of every man that the spirit within should walk abroad among his fellow men. And if that spirit goes not forth in life, he is condemned to do so after death, and witness what he cannot share, but might have shared and turned to happiness.’

WM - A Christmas Carol - Marley's Ghost - 12.12.2017

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Once Upon a Time – Series 1

Since my Fiat Panda is small, I cannot fit too much in when I’m bringing stuff to my new house, so I still have a lack of books here, so once again, it’s a TV series. These are from the first series of Once Upon A Time and one is set in the Enchanted Forest, and one in Storybrook.


So the first is in the Enchanted Forest, when Snow White is trapped by Prince Charming in a net after stealing is jewelry, in particular, his engagement ring given to him by his mother. This scene is full of humour and is the start of Snow and Charming’s relationship.

The second is set in Storybrook. Belle’s father breaks into Gold’s shop which results in Gold kidnapping and assaulting him. This ends up with Gold in jail. Regina visits Gold in jail to taunt him with the teacup Belle dropped which he treasures more than anything. She exchanges the teacup for the admission of his real name…Rumplestiltskin.

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Marvel Agents of SHIELD – FitzSimmons

The next few post will likely be of TV series as opposed to the usual book drawings as I have moved house, but I don’t have many books with me at the moment, so I only have what Netflix and DVDs can give me.

These are from Marvel Agents of SHIELD and are based on some of my favourite Fitz-Simmons moments. Leo Fitz (engineering) and Jemma Simmons (Biochemistry) are two of SHIELD’s best and brightest scientists and are fantastic characters.


The first drawing is from the second series when Fitz is getting back on his feet after almost dying from oxygen starvation at the end of Series 1 and Simmons has returned from her time undercover at Hydra. The ‘Real SHIELD’ invades Coulson’s SHIELD, knocking them out with dendrotoxin gas, and when they wake, Fitz and Simmons are left on the floor in the labs, presumed not to be a threat to anyone. Agent Weaver visits them and asks Simmons for her help to make sure Mack is OK, then Fitz is left alone.

The second is from Series 3 Simmons was sucked into a portal to another world and months after, Fitz jumps through the same portal and rescues her. Malick wants to know how she got back through the portal so that he can bring a dangerous inhuman back from exile, resulting in Fitz and Simmons’ capture. They are tortured to get the information, and Fitz agrees to show them how to get back as long as they stop hurting Simmons. When Simmons discovers this, she begs Fitz to let them kill her as the inhuman is too dangerous to bring back, to which he responds that he is not strong enough to live in a world without her.

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FSY 2017 – Manchester/Ireland – Orientation Dance

Back to memories then. So this one is from Manchester/Ireland FSY 2017 which is the session I was a counsellor on this year.


It’s from Orientation on the first day where the cousellors get on stage and dance to get the youth excited for the week ahead. This is me and the other counsellors doing the EFY dance to Vengabus by Vengaboys which was the second dance of Orientation.

This was originally more of a doodle initially hence the pencil sketch, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

WM - FSY dance - Orientation - FSY Manchester-Ireland 2017 - 05.10.2017