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HIVE – Rogue by Mark Walden

These are also from Rogue, the fifth book in the Mark Walden HIVE series.


The first is from the start of the book. Darkdoom calls Nero and Raven into a meeting to discuss the capture or kill order issued for Otto, who has gone rogue. Things escalate and Darkdoom threatens Nero who responds with ‘How dare you threaten me?’. This scene ends with Darkdoom being shot with a sniper, which brings us to the second picture.

The second picture is from the end of the book. After a couple of weeks, Darkdoom is brought out of his medically induced coma and discusses with Nero his resignation from Head of GLOVE ruling council. When Nigel, Darkdoom’s son, is allowed to visit, Nero sees that recovery time is not the only reason behind Darkdoom’s resignation. It seems the biggest reason is that Darkdoom does not want his son to have to go through his death for  second time.

Enjoy 🙂



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One thought on “HIVE – Rogue by Mark Walden

  1. *FLAPS ARMS VERY EXCITEDLY BECAUSE THE NIGEL/DARKDOOM SCENE IS THE BEST PART OF THAT WHOLE DANG BOOK* I mean among other things, haha… But still, I very much admire that one. For some reason, I’m also just enjoying seeing the detail of Diabolus’s legs underneath a blanket, maybe because I wouldn’t have thought to do it like that. Also, I love the details in the first one—they all seem very fitting for a fancy-schmancy villain organization that I suspect thinks rather highly of itself. Like, who else is going to pay that much to get the Sydney Opera House outside their window? Rich people, man. Evil rich people.

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