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HIVE – Escape Velocity by Mark Walden

So these photos are from the third book in the HIVE series written by Mark Walden, Escape Velocity. These really are a brilliant series of books.


These are set in the secret HOPE facility. The first drawing is my most recent drawing, and is set after Dr Nero was captured by HOPE. The director of HOPE, Sebastian Trent, enters Nero’s cell and gloats about his recent victory, as news of Nero’s capture was broadcast on all TV channels, making it impossible for Nero to return to top secret organisation, GLOVE. He then goes on to talk about a secret GLOVE initiative, which leads to a conspiracy going all the way up to Number One, the leader of GLOVE.

The second drawing was drawn a couple of years ago. It is a scene from the rescue mission to rescue Nero from HOPE’s clutches. Nero’s rescue had been foiled and the HIVE students, Nero, Darkdoom and Raven were all captured. An unconcious Raven is dragged into the room and dropped on the floor. Nero goes to Raven to check she is ok, whilst threatening Trent that he will pay for the damage he has caused.

Enjoy 🙂



I'm have a Masters in Chemistry and have recently started working in R&D at a well known adhesives company. I am a Guide and Brownie Leader and I am a Mormon (Latter Day Saint). My hobbies are mainly drawing, reading and singing.

One thought on “HIVE – Escape Velocity by Mark Walden

  1. Awesome! These are actually two of my favorite scenes from the books. The first just because seeing Nero fall was like so shocking for me… And the second because Nero and Raven are just adorable as people. 🙂

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