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Switzerland 2016 Trip – A thank you to the bus drivers

So recently I went to Switzerland with the Girlguides where we visited Our Chalet, the world guiding centre amongst other places in the area around Adelboden and on the way home we had a day in Disneyland Paris. I finally recieved my ALQ there, and it was my first trip abroad and we had an absolutely AMAZING time. It was seriously stunning and the trip was made even better by our two amazing bus drivers who were very entertaining. They were always up beat and we were very happy to have them come with us.

Our amazing bus drivers, Kev (left) and Peter (right)

This is just a quick shoutout to Kev and Peter from Abbotts of Leeming who did such a great job. We gave these to them on the way back from Disneyland which I drew in the chalet we were staying in, but coloured on the bus journey  and then the Guides, Rangers and Leaders all signed their names.

Apologies for the quality of picture. They were taken on a moving bus in limited light so are a bit blurry and since we gave them as gifts, I can’t scan them. Also, for safeguarding, I have had to blur the names of the girls, hence the smudges around the outside.



I'm have a Masters in Chemistry and have recently started working in R&D at a well known adhesives company. I am a Guide and Brownie Leader and I am a Mormon (Latter Day Saint). My hobbies are mainly drawing, reading and singing.

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