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Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan


Once again, sorry about the delay, but I’ve been busy with my placement. Anyway, here are my latest drawings from the third, fourth and fifth books in Rick Riordan’s ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series. As I’ve said several time, he is a really talented writer, bringing the old greek and roman myths and legends back into the modern day.

Heroes-of-olympus logo

So this first one is from ‘The Mark of Athena‘ which is set at Fort Sumter. Annabeth has been chosen to find the Athena Parthenos to restore peace to both camps, but a complication occurs. Leo attacked the Romans with his war ship whilst possessed by a spirit, so the Romans are fighting back. and attack the 7 demigods from the prophesy at Fort Sumter. Reyna finds Annabeth, but ends up letting her go on her quest:

WM - Heroes of Olympus - the Mark of Athena - Annabeth cornered by Reyna at Fort Sumter - 04.10.2015

The second is set in ‘The House of Hades‘ in Jason’s dream. The Romans are in New York preparing the fight the Greeks because they were attacked. They are visited by the Greek Oracle, Rachel Dare, and her protector, Grover Underwood, who is on the Council of the Cloven Elders. Rachel tells Reyna that she must go to the ancient world to help restore peace by returning the Athena Parthenos (that was stolen by Romans millenia ago) and re-establish peace between the camps. Octavian is skeptical of Rachel’s power so she is forced to show it, glowing green:

WM - Heroes of Olympus - the House of Hades - Rachel meets the Romans - 01.11.2015

The final drawing is from ‘Blood of Olympus‘ and is set in San Juan, where Reyna is originally from. She is escorting the Athena Parthenos back, along with Nico who is transporting them by shadow travel, and also Coach Hedge. They landed in San Juan, where Reyna has a dark secret, and Reyna is kidnapped. She wakes in a cell tied to a chair. When the door opens, she attacks her kidnapper, but is at a Stalemate, with 3 Hunters in her way, but she is holding a knife to their Lieutenant’s throat, Thalia Grace:

WM - Heroes of Olympus - the Blood of olympus - Reyna kidnapped by the Hunters (2) - 13.12.2015



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