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H.I.V.E – Aftershock

These are from the book Aftershock, the seventh book in Mark Walden’s HIVE series, a series I would highly recommend. Sorry about the gap, I just finished exams a couple of weeks ago.

This book has both flashbacks from Ravens life, and her time at the Glasshouse run by the Furans, and also has the main story where the Alphas are going on the field trip known as ‘the Hunt’. I have drawn a bit from both.

The first is from when Natalya (Raven) was relatively new to the Glasshouse and her best friend, Dimitri, planned an escape attempt, but was captured. This is based on the aftermath. The second is after a few years at the Glasshouse, and Natalya looses herself so becomes a clod assassin. This is the aftermath of her attacking, and almost killing, a boy in her dorm for a minor insult. The third is from the main story. After a long night of trying to get the exam papers, Otto and Laura are about to head for bed, but are confronted by someone else who wants the same information.

Enjoy …



I'm have a Masters in Chemistry and have recently started working in R&D at a well known adhesives company. I am a Guide and Brownie Leader and I am a Mormon (Latter Day Saint). My hobbies are mainly drawing, reading and singing.

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